KALTANI plans to expand footprints across Nigeria, create jobs

In line with its commitment to waste reduction through plastic recycling, Kaltani enterprise has disclosed plans to expand across the country and create jobs for over 2000 Nigerians.

According to the company, Kaltani is a climate tech plastic recycling company tackling the global plastic epidemic by utilising systematic, scalable steps to reduce waste.

Obi Charles Nnanna, the CEO of Kaltani, disclosed this at a recent event marking the company’s one year of operation in Nigeria.

“We hope to be the highest employers of labour. We are passionate about reducing waste and creating jobs. Great things are coming ahead in the near future as we raise our series A fund and expand to 36 states in Nigeria”.

Similarly, the CEO also unveiled plans to extend its footprints to other African countries in the coming years.

“We want to reach out to Nigerians and beyond. Plastic pollution problems are significant across key African countries, and we see Kaltani in these countries solving these problems. Great things are coming ahead in the future,” he said.

Meanwhile, Nnanna disclosed that the industry needs the support of the government in order to create more revenue for the states.

He said, “People now see waste as value and trash as cash, and Kaltani is here to let them get to that process. The government can assist in job creation through the recycling industry across the 36 states and all the geopolitical zones and earn a source of revenue for the states by partnering with us.”

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