Recycling Leader
Recycling Leader

We collect and recycle plastic waste to reduce environmental pollution.

Sustainability Matters
Sustainability Matters

Leading companies use our granulates for their products ensuring a circular economy.

Verifiable Impacts
Verifiable Impact

Our technology provides transparency and traceability throughout the value chain.

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We are closing the loop:
Multi-use plastics, less energy.

Recycling plastics saves up to 90% of the energy used in producing virgin plastic, meaning significantly less greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve this, we collect plastic waste, sorting by type and grade. In the next step, we wash and recycle into hot washed flakes and pellets ready for re-use by FMCGs and plastic manufacturers, thus replacing virgin plastics and ensuring a circular economy.

Plastics we collect and recycle

Earn from your waste

We recover improperly disposed PET, PE and PP post-consumer plastic waste from our immediate surrounding, waterways, coastlines and oceans.

Our mission is to reduce PET, PE and PP plastic pollution and mitigate the inflow of plastic by gradually changing consumer habits.

We process PET, PE and PP plastic waste into hot washed flakes and pellets for reuse in manufacturing industries to reduce dependency on virgin materials.

We help companies reduce their carbon emissions and aid them on their path to carbon neutrality. The UN SDGs are at the heart of our recycling efforts.

Choose the right polymer for your needs.

Leading manufacturers are utilizing our flakes and pellets for their products. Our clean, quality materials reduce the need for virgin petrochemicals, while saving more than 80% of the energy it takes to produce them.

Become Plastic Positive

KALTANI is utilizing technology to gain insights from point of origin to supply chain, to providing important and timely knowledge about our business and our customer’s businesses. Ultimately ensuring transparency, traceability, process improvement and innovation.

KALTANI partners with organizations that are committed to reducing their carbon footprint. We can help you track your commitments to achieving zero landfill and 100% sustainability.

Partner with KALTANI today and fund a clean up, and become a plastic positive company.


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Did you know?

Nigeria, Africa’s largest nation by population generates 32,000,000 Tonnes of waste annually. This makes Nigeria the 7th largest plastic waste polluter in the world, with less than 30% of waste being recycled.

30 billion kg

Plastic used annually in Nigeria

< 30 %

of these plastics are currently recycled


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