About Us

KALTANI is a clean-tech plastic recycling and waste management company committed to tackling the global plastic epidemic by utilising systematic scalable steps to REDUCE PET, PE, PP Plastic pollution and municipal solid waste.
Our process is simple – we COLLECT, SORT, WASH and RECYCLE (Post Consumer & Post Industrial) PET, PE, & PP Plastic waste into Hot washed Flakes & Pellets respectively, to be used as raw materials for FMCG’S and plastic manufacturers ensuring a circular economy.

KALTANI’s technology utilizes big data, data visualization, predictive analytics, and geo-location analytics offering near real-time and historical data about our process and customers process. This offers both transparency and traceability throughout the value chain.

Why KALTANI Recycling?

KALTANI provides eco-friendly solutions by sorting, hot washing, crushing, shredding, pelletizing and recycling PET, PE and PP post-consumer and post-industrial waste into flakes or pellets for reuse in the manufacturing industry.

Social Impact

KALTANI provides wages to gatherers who actively scour the streets and public places identifying and collecting discarded waste plastics in Lagos, and Ogun Nigeria.
KALTANI also works with collectors and aggregators that are seeking off takers for their plastic waste. This plastic waste is eventually recycled into hot washed flakes and pellets for local use in manufacturing industries, promoting a circular economy right here in Nigeria.

KALTANI’s methodology creates an ever-growing cycle of empowerment for skilled and unskilled workers who assist in meaningfully solving Nigeria’s monumental problem of post-consumer and post-industrial PET, PE and PP  plastic waste found throughout the environment.

Environmental Impact

KALTANI’s recycling efforts will reduce 5,000 metric tonnes of CO2 from the environment yearly while recycling thousands of metric tonnes of post-consumer and post-industrial PET, PE and PP plastic waste yearly. These numbers are only subject to grow exponentially as we scale across Nigeria and Africa at large.

Furthermore, KALTANI’s staff hostels are located on our factory site in Sagamu LGA along Lagos – Ibadan expressway and are fully powered via the residual electricity produced from the factory and were built utilizing and repurposing multiple 40ft shipping containers.

Developmental Impact

KALTANI’s project aims to address and solve multiple UN Sustainable development goals. Africa has one of the fastest growing populations in the world. As annual population increases, consumption will expand which in turn will increase the waste being produced.

Beginning our journey in Nigeria (Africa’smost populous country of 200 million people) was a deliberate and strategic choice that positions KALTANI to make monumental contributions to intensive
plastic waste management which is bound to play a huge role in Africa’s future.

Get In Touch With Us

If you do have more questions about our company, products or want to learn how you can start picking up waste and earn money today please send us a message and we will get back to you.

Corporate Office:

14 Aliu Animashaun Street Lekki phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria.

Hempstead Road Houston Texas 77008



Ewu/Ogun road, Shagamu L.G.A, Lagos – Ibadan expressway way.

+234 (704) 109 3833

+234 (908) 348 1752




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